Saturday, April 16, 2016

Health is Wealth

On 27 March 2016 ( Sunday ), Leo club of PCGHS and Leo club of Penang City jointly organised a blood donation & health screening project, "Health is Wealth" at SMJK Heng Ee. This project provides free health services such as blood donation to General Hospital,blood pressure and glucose check from Diabetes Society of Penang, health consultation and eyesight check for the public. Besides that, there was also a counter set up for those who are interested in organ donation. 

Through this project, the public can know more about their health condition , realize the significance of maintaining good health as well as take precautions to prevent further health issues. Besides , citizens were made aware of the fact that a simple act of donating blood may have the ability to save lives of patients suffering from cancer, bleeding disorders,anaemia and other hereditary blood abnormalities. It is mandatory to know that despite the high-technology developed in this modern era, blood stilll cannot be manufactured artificially to this day . It is through the kindness , humanity and unity of people ,that we are able to help those in need . Being a leo is all about serving and contributing to society , and we definitely hope through this activity , this mindset of ours will be instilled in the minds of the public as well . Leo club of PCGHS,roar!

Eye checking.

Blood donating.

President is giving a speech.

Group photo.

PestaRia 2016

On 6th March 2016 (Sunday), Leo Club of PCGHS set up both a food stall and a game station in purpose of helping school to raise funds for our science laboratories through this Pesta Ria. We sold food like Nasi Lemak and sort in an addition of a Sight First Program Part 3 by involving game stations. Our fellow Leos that volunteered at the food stall were able to learn the skills in dealing business, selling and promoting own goods, also experience the way food hawkers make an amazing income. Next, our members especially the Game Masters, whom set up the game stations for the Sight First Program were able to conduct and lead the members to create such a success. Everything ended with ecstasy and had brought a memorable moment to all Leos that were present. We would also like thank everyone who supported our event. ROAR!
Set up.

Queuing up for their turn.

Help to blind fold.

Trying to walk with blind folded.

Sight First Programme Part II - Out of Sight

On the 28th of January 2016 , Leo club of PCGHS organized a Sight First Programme Part II - Out of Sight , Out of Mind from 9.30a.m.- 4.30p.m. We invited opticians from Oja optical centre to provide students of our school eye check up services , enabling students to know more about their own eyesight problems . The opticians also explained the correct way of taking care of our eyes to the students and gave advice on what they should do to improve their eye health. Moreover , they were benevolent as to provide a total of RM15 , 000 worth of oja optical centre vouchers to 300 students who came for the eye checking . Through this activity , students of PCGHS were made aware of their own eyesight problems , given advice to improve their eyesight , realized the significance of maintaining good eyesight and were provided financial aid to improve their eyesight. As one of the major aims of leo clubs is to service the school , we are truly overjoyed that this event was such a success. Leo club of PCGHS , ROAR!
The staff member is explaining eye health to the student.

The staff members.

A student is having eye checking.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Messenger

As leadership skill development is one of the major skills encouraged to be cultivated in leo members , Leo Club of PCGHS organized an activity on the 9th of January 2016 focusing on communication skills as a leader or member of a team. Undeniably , many youths de-emphasize and tend to diminish the importance of communication in a team . As a leader , it is imperative to convey the message clearly to every member and ensure everyone is clear about their roles in a team in order to increase efficiency , display higher performance as well as have mutual support amongst the team. Leo members were taught to have courage when sharing their ideas , opinions and thoughts and speak up if instructions of the leader is unclear to avoid miscommunication as well as conflicts .
A true leader is not build in a day, nor can there even be a perfect leader. But with the right perspective and rationality, instant respect for one another will be the key towards success. Leo club of PCGHS ROAR !

Out of sight. Out of mind.

In conjunction with the Lions World wide Week in Service in Sight , Leo club of PCGHS organized a sight first activity in the school compound . The aim of this activity is to spread awareness on the imperative need for eye healthcare , instill a sense of gratitude for how fortunate we are thus learning to take care of our eyesight. 

Members were separated into 4 groups and were given tasks to complete respectively while being blindfolded . This made members experience what it feels like to be in the shoes of those visually impaired and realized that it is definitely not as easy as it seems to lose our ability to see and at the same time gained a form a respect and empathy for them .

Leo Farewell 2015

On the 20th September 2015 , we organized the annual Leo Farewell of Leo club of PCGHS at Sea Queen , Straits Quay . 

First off, our faculty advisor , Madam Ooi Chit Ping gave an inspiring speech to encourage all new members of the club to be more active in joining leo activities to serve the community as well as expressed her gratitude to the board of directors of fiscal year 14-15.

Then , we had a fellowship session during lunch to foster the relationships among our club members . Soon after , souvenirs were presented to form 5 seniors as a token of appreciation for their service and efforts for the past fiscal year. We then had our last group photo with all the seniors as we bid farewell to them. 

To the board of directors and seniors of fiscal year 14-15 , your every contribution and guidance towards our leo club will always be remembered , may success follow you and may your memories be enshrined in the hallowed portals of this institution .