Thursday, April 17, 2014

3rd Social Meeting

Dear leos, our next meeting will be on this Saturday at classroom 301-302. Bods' meeting is at 10-1030am (only for F5 bods) while social meeting is at 1030-12 pm. 
Please wear club tee and vest for the meeting, and for those who still don't have club tee can just wear pj tee. 
Strictly no slipper and short pant allowed. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Visit to Ramakrishna Ashrama

On the 29th of March, Leo Lim Jia Qing organised a simple visit to the Ramakrisna Ashrama. Ramakrishna Ashrama is an orphanage as well as home for 54 children in Penang. The children in the home are given proper education and are well cared for so that they grow up to be useful citizens.

This is our Leo Club's second visit to the children home. The last time we visited here, we played games with the orphans, however, this time we decided to help to clean up the kindergarten classrooms. Since it was the March holidays, the children wasn't studying, so it was much easier for us to clean up the rooms. There were 4 classrooms, we divided the 20 of us into 4 small groups and cleaned up the respective classrooms.

The organization secretary, Mr. Visha giving our members a short briefing about Ramakrishna Ashrama. 

Boys and girls from the Ashrama itself also helped us in cleaning the classrooms. The boys cleaned the fans and cleared the dusts near the ceiling while the girls swept the floor, cleaned the curtains, windows, tables and chairs as well as the toys and mopped the floor. Here's some photos, 

After cleaning up, there was some time left, so we all gathered together and have some quality time with the orphans, some of our members even gave the orphans badges. The orphans were very grateful to get some souvenirs from us, so we're of course happy too when we see them happy. Sometimes, the little things in life may not look important to us, but it does make a difference to some other people, so be thankful for what we have. :) 

Here's some of the group photos : 

President Leo Yee Hong with some of the orphans. 

Orphans with their badges, yayy! :D 

After all, it was a different experience to visit an orphanage and help by contributing some energy to clean up the place. We hope to visit there another time to serve more, ROAR! 

So here's a quote to share with all of you, serving is indeed simple. A little action by you may make someone's day. :)
“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”  - Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Earth Hour 2014

On 29th of March (Saturday) at 8:30pm, millions of people around the world are switching off their lights for one hour. Do what you can do to show your commitment to this only planet we have. 

Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet"  by Nelson Mandela 
Every participation counts.

Details for The Visit to Ramakrishna

Fellow leos,

Leo Lim Jia Qing has organised an exciting visit to The Ramakrishna Ashrama for the school holidays.

The details are as below:
Date: 29th March
Time: 9am-12noon
Venue: 37 Scotland Road, 10450 Penang, Malaysia
Attire: Club tee, vest. Please be noted that slippers and short pants are strictly no allowed.

Come out and have some fun!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Region 1&4 Team Building

Group Photo with everyone.
Leo Club of PCGHS ROAR!
With Leo Club of NanHwa

Second social meeting & Club Anniversary

Second social meeting & Club Anniversary We have our second social meeting on 22th February and also it's our club anniversary's celebration. As usual, we starts off with Leo Pledge and Lion Spirit and follow by some announcement and notice to members make by our president and vice president. Next, we have a simple celebration for our club's anniversary. Here to wish "Happy Anniversary" to our club and also hope that we can bring up our club to a new milestone in future with the hard works our BODs and also fellow members. Last but not least, thanks to everyone who helped our club before, we really appreciate it. Leo Club of PCGHS ROAR!!
Group Photo!
Happy Anniversary to our club!
Teacher with BODs.
Take 2.
Lion Spirit.
Leo Pledge.