Thursday, February 9, 2017

 18/02 (Saturday)
BOD 8-10.30
SOCIAL 10.30-12
members please bring container.
p/s: 11/02 meeting is cancelled and it is postponed to 18/02 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

庙会 2017

 Leo Club of PCGHS participated in Penang Chinese New Year Celebration on 3th of February 2017. Helpers arrived around 3:30pm to set up the stalls and prepare for the event. Game stations were set up for passer-by to enjoy themselves. As the crowd began to gather, the helpers got busier entertaining everyone but it was not hard to see that they were enjoying the event themselves too. Meeting people and having fun with everyone was definitely a memorable experience for fellow Leos. Soon, night falls, and the helpers took turns to take care of the station. Everyone had fun participating in this event.

Leo Club of PCGHS, roar !

Setting up station game.

First Meeting of 2017

 The first BOD meeting of fiscal year 2017-2018 was held on the 7th of January. BODs were given the chance to voice out our opinion, and we strive to do better in 2017. Hoping that we, as a part of the community, will be able to try our best in helping and spreading awareness. The meeting was soon followed by social meeting. We were honored enough to have Lion Tan to present us the Leo Orientation Certificate. With the old and new members mingling and warming up to each other, the meeting needed shortly after.
 Writing some event on board.
Members listening to the upcoming event.

Membership Growth 2017

 Introducing what is leo to the new members.
 Queue up for registration.

Xmas Celebration 2016

PGCHS Leo Club decided to hold a Christmas celebration on 27th of December, it was a great get together for the Leos to celebrate this special day together. We had potluck and everyone brought food to share with one another. Gifts were given out too and it was definitely a memorable experience for all of us.
Leo Club of PCGHS, roar !

Leo farewell 2016

 Taking pictures with the seniors.
 Group photo of leo farewell
Farewell '16