Sunday, January 21, 2018

Interview of New Members 2018

On the 21st of January, we conducted an interview for new members. The questionnaire of the interview included questions regarding financial abilities, transportation, goals of the new members and their ideas for the future of leo. All the new members who interviewed proved to be very interested and enthusiastic about our activities in the field of charity. Despite lack of confidence in some new members, we are confident that Leo will be a good place for them to grow and nurture into strong, confident, young people of their own character. We congratulate all of those that passed the interview and hope you do not feel hesitant to join the charitable and meaningful activities throughout this new year. Roar!

Monday, December 4, 2017

International Leo Day 2017 'A Box A Love For A Child' Charity Event & Hunger Project 2017

The Leo Clubs of District 308 B2 Region 1 celebrated our annual International Leo Day on 3 December, this year is also the 60th Anniversary for Leo Club Program. Leo Club is a program adopted by Lions Club International since year 1957. We are group of youth from age 13-30 years, mainly organizing community service projects. We have decided on quite a meaningful main project in conjunction to Leo Day to mark 60 years of giving back to the community. 'A Box A Love For A Child' Charity Event was launched during the opening ceremony of Leo Day where Leo Clubs have collected 1500 boxes filled with toys, stationery, books, clothing and other items where each box is then given to a child in all the orphanages in Penang. Besides that, our club has decided to use this coincidental event to carry out our Hunger Project of 2017. We held a hunger crossword puzzle competition free for all to join. The purpose of this competition is to raise awareness about the topic of world hunger among us because we are all very fortunate to have never experienced real hunger in a country like Malaysia. The competition received a great response and many people managed to complete the puzzle. A huge thank you to all the members who helped out and to people who have supported this good cause.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I Love Penang I Clean The Beach

Do you ever just want to enjoy a nice day at the beach? The feel of the cool breeze blowing in your face, the feel of the soft grainy sand under your feet, the slight smell of saltiness constantly present under your noses and the feeling of zen you get when the waves crash gently against your feet when you walk along the shore line. A good relaxing day at the beach can do wonders, but the odds of us Penangites having just that, is surprisingly, extremely low. It is true after all, that when you dream of a nice day at the beach, instead you risk stepping on glass on the so-called "soft grainy sand"; there won't be a "slight smell of saltiness" because it is masked by the horrid smell of litter; and in days like this, not many people will dare to step foot close to the shore line because of the dirty polluted waters we call the sea. Let's be honest over here, we get annoyed and furious at the poor state of cleanliness of our beaches, and so we visit them less and less, until finally, 'out of sight, out of mind' applies to all of us. The Lions Club of Penang Heritage took action and organised the 'I Love Penang I Clean The Beach' beach cleaning event. The event was a success because everyone wanted to be a part of this cause. The beach cleaning process took place at the beach behind Flamingo Hotel by The Beach and we left the beach in a much cleaner state then it was before. Despite all the action and manpower, the main purpose of this event was to raise awareness among Penangites about the importance of keeping our environment clean, because it is close to impossible for the lot of us, no matter how much we love the beach, to clean all the beaches on our island, especially when this is a never-ending cycle. The only way to maintain this, is if everyone lent a hand, just by not littering will be enough work to keep our beaches clean and safe for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Farewell 2017

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. The farewell for our Form 5 Leos were held on 23rd September at YMCA Penang. We had lunch at the restaurant in YMCA and had photo sessions after. We wish the Form 5 leos all the best in SPM Exams and in everything that you want to strive for in the future. We deeply appreciate that you left us with such a fun and well-organized association. We will continue to work hard in improving the club and reach further achievements. Thank you, hail and farewell.

308 B2 Region 1 Installation Day

On the 23rd of September, the annual Installation and Induction of Leo Club 308 B2 Region 1 was held at the YMCA Penang. New Leo members were inducted to official membership. The ceremonial procedure of letting the new leos hold a candle containing a flame symbolizes their role in this community, leos of more seniority passing on the flame to younger leos. Eventually, it will be up to the young leos to lead our uprising community and society. After the induction of new leos came the installation of the chosen leos of respective clubs to shoulder the responsibility of the Board of Directors. The newly chosen Board of Directors took an oath vowing to be dedicated and committed when upholding their respective duties and responsibilities. The exchanging ceremony between the Immediate Past President, Leo Charmaine Teoh, to the new President, Leo Wong Sze Min was included in this event. We hope that the new members will be committed and active in joining club events while the New Board of Directors will hold their responsibilities in making sure that club events run smoothly. PCGHS Leo Club also wishes all the clubs of Region 1 to have a successful and improving new fiscal year. Roar!