Friday, September 19, 2014

Team Building 2014

On 13th of September, Leo Yue Hwan had organized a team building activity in order to build good rapport between members and learn more about leadership skills. Members were told to reach at 9am but a few members came late, therefore, members were urged to be punctual next time by Leo Yun Yun. First, members were divided into groups. Group leader was opted and each group had to think about their team cheer. 

There were 4 stations which were located in front of stadium, in front of auditorium, MPPP garden and shot putt field.

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Best group; group 5

Best group leader

Best individual

Before things end, everyone was requested to read the leo pedge.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Leo Farewell 2014

On 24/8/2014, Leo Club of PCGHS organized  the Club Farewell for Outgoing Leos of 2013-2014. The Organizing Chairperson was Leo Lynette Tan. The event was held at the D' White Beach Restaurant from 12pm-2pm. 

Dishes were served after the members had arrived.

After the meal, the Organizing Chairperson invited the Faculty Advisor, Mdm Ooi Chit Ping to give a short speech. 

Next, a badge designed for Leo Farewell were given to the Form5 Leos and members who attended the event.

A mini table game took place after the speech. The Organizing Chairperson listed a few items randomly and the members at their tables were asked to collect all the items requested. The fastest among the tables was crowned winner. 

The Organizing Chairperson and President gave prizes to the winners. 

This is the last event for outgoing Leos and we hope that they enjoyed the experince throughout their years of joining Leo Club of PCGHS. May the Leo Spirit be always in the deepest of your heart. ROAR!