Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Messenger

As leadership skill development is one of the major skills encouraged to be cultivated in leo members , Leo Club of PCGHS organized an activity on the 9th of January 2016 focusing on communication skills as a leader or member of a team. Undeniably , many youths de-emphasize and tend to diminish the importance of communication in a team . As a leader , it is imperative to convey the message clearly to every member and ensure everyone is clear about their roles in a team in order to increase efficiency , display higher performance as well as have mutual support amongst the team. Leo members were taught to have courage when sharing their ideas , opinions and thoughts and speak up if instructions of the leader is unclear to avoid miscommunication as well as conflicts .
A true leader is not build in a day, nor can there even be a perfect leader. But with the right perspective and rationality, instant respect for one another will be the key towards success. Leo club of PCGHS ROAR !

Out of sight. Out of mind.

In conjunction with the Lions World wide Week in Service in Sight , Leo club of PCGHS organized a sight first activity in the school compound . The aim of this activity is to spread awareness on the imperative need for eye healthcare , instill a sense of gratitude for how fortunate we are thus learning to take care of our eyesight. 

Members were separated into 4 groups and were given tasks to complete respectively while being blindfolded . This made members experience what it feels like to be in the shoes of those visually impaired and realized that it is definitely not as easy as it seems to lose our ability to see and at the same time gained a form a respect and empathy for them .

Leo Farewell 2015

On the 20th September 2015 , we organized the annual Leo Farewell of Leo club of PCGHS at Sea Queen , Straits Quay . 

First off, our faculty advisor , Madam Ooi Chit Ping gave an inspiring speech to encourage all new members of the club to be more active in joining leo activities to serve the community as well as expressed her gratitude to the board of directors of fiscal year 14-15.

Then , we had a fellowship session during lunch to foster the relationships among our club members . Soon after , souvenirs were presented to form 5 seniors as a token of appreciation for their service and efforts for the past fiscal year. We then had our last group photo with all the seniors as we bid farewell to them. 

To the board of directors and seniors of fiscal year 14-15 , your every contribution and guidance towards our leo club will always be remembered , may success follow you and may your memories be enshrined in the hallowed portals of this institution .

Recycle for a better day, Don't throw our future away

On 12th of September 2015 , from 11.15am-12:30pm ,we have once again successfully organized an environmental awareness activity during our social meeting. Members were instilled with the concept that things that are usually thrown away without a second thought , could be recycled and reused in many ways. After a brief explanation about the environmental activity by the organizing chairperson Leo Cheryl Tan , members were separated into groups of 5 and were given a stack of newspapers that were brought by the members They were given 15 minutes to work together and design an attire for one of the members in the group . Each group presented their designs and the winner's group were given prizes. The newspaper were all recycled at the end of the event . With our heartfelt intention and deepest aspiration, we are truly ecstatic that environmental awareness and sense of responsibility towards the environment were able to be inculcated in the minds of all participants through this event.

Leo Installation 2015

Today was truly a memorable and meaningful day for all newly installed board of directors and new members of fiscal year 2015-2016 . A Joint installation and induction of Leo Club of PCGHS , Leo club of Han Chiang High School and Leo Club of Georgetown Central was successfully held at Georgetown City Hotel on 22nd of August , 11am - 2pm . 

We expressed our utmost gratitude , sincerity , passion and strength by raising our right hand in affirmation to serve whole-heartedly to our community in hopes of a brighter future. We were privileged to be led by Lion Ow Hang Sen in this action.

For having Lion Jennifer Kim , our Vice District Governor and Lion Tommy Ooi , President of Lions' Club of Georgetown Central to give a motivational and inspiring speech , as well as Jason Lim , 1st District Vice President to attend this event , we are truly honoured and grateful. 

This event marks a significant beginning to our new fiscal year. As promised , we will continue to do our best in serving the community . Leo Club of PCGHS , Roar!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

School Clean-up 2015

To start off a brand new fiscal year , Leo Club of PCGHS has organized a school clean-up involving all leo members . The aim of this activity is to ensure students have a clean and comfortable environment to learn and gain knowledge and at the same time make sure teachers have a suitable surrounding to teach in . Besides that , this activity has instilled the 3R's concept in each and everyone of leo members. Through this event we were all reminded that individuals' collective actions can make a tremendous difference. We might not notice it , but little actions we do every day can make a huge difference in our future. Students were assigned into groups of 10 , each group in-charge of different school compounds to clean up . Recyclable materials were then collected and organized in the 3R station . During this process , members worked together and cooperated with one another very well . They also had the opportunity to talk with acquaintances in this activity and had fellowship amongst members . The activity was held from 10a.m. to 12:30p.m. Although it was tiring , but looking as how the school looks brand new , it was all worth it. 
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